NCCF Organizes Successful Ecotourism Standard and Certification Training for CBs, Auditors, and Consultants

NCCF organized an enlightening Ecotourism Standard and Certification Training on July 17th 2023. This significant event brought together esteemed participants from renowned organizations such as Control Union Inspections & Certification Pvt Ltd, VNG Certifications Pvt Ltd, WBSPL, Green Economy Coalition Foundation, GICIA India Pvt Ltd and Bureau Veritas Pvt Ltd.

The event commenced with an inspiring welcome address by Mr. A. M. Singh, Director General, NCCF, who provided participants with an overview of NCCF and its Ecotourism Standard and Certification scheme. Mr. Singh also outlined the objectives of the training, emphasizing the need for and the benefits of NCCF Ecotourism and Certification Training.

Mr. Avani Kumar Varma, IFS (retd), Chairman of NCCF and Chairman of SDG FM & Ecotourism scheme. Mr. Varma expressed his gratitude to the Director General for organizing such a significant training program. He also highlighted the importance of the Ecotourism Standard and Certification scheme and its potential to contribute to sustainable practices in the tourism industry. Mr. Anil Jauhri, Chairman of the Certification Advisory Group at NCCF and former CEO, NABCB, extended warm welcome to the participants and commended NCCF for developing the Ecotourism Standard and Certification scheme. His remarks acknowledged the pioneering nature of the initiative and its potential to make a lasting impact on the tourism sector.

Ecotourism Standard and Certification

The comprehensive training course covered the Overview of Ecotourism and related policies in India the NCCF Ecotourism and Certification Standard, Audit Protocol and Certification Process for NCCF Ecotourism Standard & Certification Scheme, System for provisional approval of CBs for operating the NCCF Ecotourism Standard & Certification Scheme, essential aspects of report writing in relation to the certification process, practical insights showcasing successful implementations of the NCCF Ecotourism scheme. Additionally, the significance of carbon neutrality in the context of the NCCF Ecotourism Standard and Certification Scheme.

Throughout the training sessions, a combination of presentations, case studies, and interactive discussions provided participants with a well-rounded understanding of the scheme. The master trainers, Mr. Avani Kumar Varma and Mr. Anil Jauhri shared their extensive knowledge and enriched the training with their diverse professional experiences.

The participants actively engaged in the training, exchanging views and providing valuable feedback on the implementation of the Ecotourism Standard, considering its relatively new introduction. This collaborative approach fostered a stimulating learning environment, where attendees benefited from real-world scenarios and practical insights. Upon completion of the training, the trainees will be required to undertake an online knowledge test to solidify their understanding. Successful participation in the training will make them eligible to conduct NCCF Ecotourism Standard and Certification scheme audits and is also a precondition to become a qualified auditor.

The NCCF is proud to have organized such a comprehensive and impactful training event, which aimed to enhance the knowledge and expertise of professionals in the field of ecotourism and further contributes to the preservation of natural resources.