NCCF along with PEFC has successfully conducted PEFC Chain of Custody Refresher Training 2023

The training was conducted online on 26th and 27th September 2022. 

The training was attended by participants from different national and international certification bodies, and as well as NABCB, the accreditation bodies in India for PEFC CoC.

The comprehensive training course covered the recent update on PEFC Chain of Custody standard, PEFC Scope and Management system, Identification of Inputs and declaration of outputs, Due diligence system, CoC methods, PEFC Trademark rules, Requirements for CBs operating against PEFC CoC etc. The training was conducted for the Auditors, Reviewers and Certification Decision Makers.

Mr. A M Singh, Director General, NCCF started the session by welcoming all the special guests, trainers, and participants while giving a brief about NCCF, objectives of the training, and the need and benefits of the PEFC Chain of Custody Certification. Mr. Rajesh Maheshwari, CEO, National Accreditation Board for Certification Bodies (NABCB), in his inaugural remarks, spoke of the significant importance of PEFC CoC certification for the legality of the import and export of products from different wood-related industries.  

Ms. Linda Matole, Technical Officer, PEFC International, imparted the training to the participants, in close coordination with Ms. Abhilasha Guleria, Asst. Director, NCCF. They both are part of the PEFC Pool of Experts program as Master Trainers. The Training was also assisted by Ms. Suparna Das, Project Associate, overseeing the PEFC operations in India.

The comprehensive training module was a mix of presentations, and case studies, and trainees gained immensely through the examples explained during the training sessions encompassing the real scenarios in CoC certification. The trainers shared their deep knowledge of the subject and substantiated the same with their eclectic professional experience. The participants exchanged experiences and valuable feedback on the implementation of the standard. 

Trainees will be required to complete an online Knowledge Test within 4 weeks after completion of the training.  Successful participation in this training would make the auditors eligible to conduct PEFC CoC certification audits, as attending a PEFC-recognized training is required for maintaining the status validity as it requires 5 CoC audits for every two years (at least 3 PEFC CoC) & refresher training one in two years and also there is an amendment of the Old Standard to new STD PEFC COC 2020.

The participants appreciated the quality of the training and expressed keen interest in attending refresher training in the future to update their knowledge and skills.