Sustainability Standard

Sustainability Certification Standards provides credibility to the organization, traceability of the product and assurance to the Customers about the sustainable management of the product w.r.t economic, social and environmental aspect.

Keeping in view the significance and need of the Nation specific certification standards and scheme for India, NCCF was established in 2015 to develop Nation specific yet internationally benchmarked sustainability certification standards in the field of Natural Resources, Forests, Trees outside Forests, Ecotourism, Protected Areas, and Wetlands, NWFP, Water, Pet Trade, QPM and many more.

The standards are developed following NCCF’s standard-setting protocol ensuring meaningful stakeholder participation and balanced representation 


NCCF is developing standards in the field of

1. Forest Management Certification Standard 2.Trees outside Forests Certification Standard
3. Non-Wood Forest Products Certification Standard  4.Protected Areas and Wetlands Standard
5.Quality Planting Material Certification Standard  6.Ecotourism Standard (On-going)
7.Biofuels and Biomass Standard (On-going)8.Pet Trade (On-going)