NCCF organized Ecotourism Standard and Certification Pre-Training Meeting – July 3rd 2023

NCCF convened a highly productive pre-training meeting on Monday, July 3, 2023, to discuss the business potential of NCCF Ecotourism Standard and Certification Training. The event was well-received and notably, the meeting attracted 32 participants, including esteemed representatives from various organizations, including Bureau Veritas, GIPL, Control Union, Asian Adventures, SGS Global India, RSJ Inspections, Willenskraft Business, TUV, TIC Council, several other auditors and consultants, to delve into this crucial topic.

Ms. Neha Singh, Senior Program Officer, warmly welcomed the participants and extended heartfelt gratitude to the representatives from the Certification Bodies (CBs) and other organizations for their valuable presence at the meeting.

Mr. A. M. Singh, Director General, NCCF, extended a heartfelt welcome to all participants. He recognized their expertise and commitment to sustainable tourism practices. He outlined the purpose of the meeting, emphasizing its primary objective: to address any concerns or queries the participants may have regarding the upcoming Ecotourism training program. He acknowledged the importance of a clear understanding among participants to maximize the effectiveness of the training and ensure its successful implementation.

During the meeting, Mr. A. K. Varma, Chairman, NCCF delivered an engaging presentation, diving deep into the intricacies of Ecotourism and its positive environmental, social, and economic impacts. He commenced the discussion with his insightful remarks emphasizing the significance of Ecotourism training in fostering responsible and environmentally conscious travel experiences.

Following the Chairman’s presentation, a question-and-answer session took place, facilitating an interactive exchange of ideas and further clarifying key concepts related to Ecotourism training. The session demonstrated the participants’ strong engagement and interest to the upcoming training program. The representatives from Bureau Veritas, Control Union, SGS Globals and other organizations actively joined the discussion, sharing their expertise and insights on the potential impact of Ecotourism training. The meeting ended with the closing remarks of the Director General, NCCF.

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