NCCF Governing Body approves the Ecotourism Standard and Certification Scheme

NCCF is thrilled to announce the approval of its Ecotourism Standard and Certification Scheme by the NCCF Governing Body. The decision was made on 27th June 2023 and marks a significant milestone in promoting sustainable practices within the tourism industry. NCCF Ecotourism scheme is applicable for certification of ecotourism destinations that are responsibly managing their sites in accordance with the developed standard.

The NCCF Ecotourism Standard and Certification Scheme is a comprehensive framework that aims to recognize and certify ecotourism destinations that meet the highest standards of environmental conservation, community engagement, and sustainable tourism practices. It provides a reliable benchmark for tourists and travel organizations to identify destinations committed to preserving natural resources, protecting biodiversity, and supporting local communities.

In line with this development, the NCCF will be organizing a specialized Ecotourism Standard and Certification Training for lead auditors, auditors, and consultants. This training, scheduled for 17th July 2023, will equip participants with the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively assess and certify ecotourism destinations in accordance with the NCCF standards.

In the coming days, the NCCF will provide further information regarding the official launch of the Ecotourism Standard and Certification Scheme, as well as sensitization opportunities. For further information, please contact:

For NCCF Ecotourism Standard Certification Scheme and supporting documents, please click here