“Agroforestry and its socio-economic impact”,an article by Mr Avani Varma,Chairman,NCCF
Mr Avani Kumar Varma, Chairman, NCCF ( Former PCCF&HOFF,  Government of Karnataka) in his article “Agroforestry and its socio-economic impact”, published by Deccan Herald on 24th April 2022, has highlighted how the agroforestry has positively impacted the socio-economic condition of small and marginal farmers. With the use of new technologies in agroforestry, rural people are getting exposed to new innovations and market dynamics of agroforestry produce.

Agroforestry offers a great potential for climate change mitigation and a variety of other environmental, economic and social benefits. There are still many challenges relating to growth of Agroforestry that are to be looked by the stakeholders, particularly the government and industries.