Carbon Registry

Development of the Indian Carbon Registry

NCCF is coming up with a Voluntary Carbon Registry for India to account for and exchange of greenhouse gas emission reduction and emission removal enhancements within the Indian Territory.

Importance of registry in India:

  • Database creation of Quantified of greenhouse gas emission reduction and removal enhancements
  • Putting a market price (based on supply and demand) on carbon which allow it to be traded as a financial commodity
  • Follow up with the India’s NDC goal as aligned with 2015 Paris climate agreement

Benefits of registry:

  • Environmental: Emission reduction or removal enhancements would have impact on the overall climate change process. Along with this, projects may be additional and indirect benefits such as cleaner air quality, increase in water table, biodiversity conservation (depending upon the type of project)
  • Monetary: carbon credits traded would be bring profit to the sellar
  • Social: includes benefits such as better job opportunities for local people in case of Afforestation/Reforestation and Agricultural projects  

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