NCCF initiates the Periodic Review of its Forest Management Certification Standard

NCCF has developed India’s first Forest Management Certification Standard (NCCF -STD- FM- 01 /2017), approved by the NCCF’s Governing Body on 12th December 2018 and endorsed by PEFC on 27th February 2019. As per the standard revision protocols, both of NCCF and PEFC, periodic review of Standard has been initiated by NCCF. 

As part of the above, it is required to obtain feedback from all the stakeholders in order to identify gaps, if any, and corrective action thereof. Therefore, through this public notification, NCCF is seeking inputs from the interested and directly affected stakeholders regarding the relevance, effectiveness, and adequacy of the NCCF FM Standard, which is available on the website (

The consultation process is voluntary, and stakeholders can submit comments in the feedback form given below: – Feedback Link (

“Consultation period: 7th August 2022 – 9th September 2022​”