Stakeholder Consultation in view of NCCF Tree outside Forest (ToF) certification-Full evaluation  of Hindustan Pencils Pvt. Ltd.: 30 days consultation period: 10th  March to 9th April 2022
Stakeholder consultation is a significant part of Full evaluation audit regarding NCCF ToF certification scheme.
Hindustan Pencil Pvt. Ltd. (HPPL) has shown interest to get their procurement area certified under NCCF ToF certification scheme by GICIA India Pvt. Ltd (GIPL), a certification body based in Noida, UP. 
In this view NCCF is scheduling 30 days online public consultation starting from 10th March till 9th April 2022.
We invite stakeholders to meet with the audit team or submit their written submissions in this regard preferably within this time-period. The concerned stakeholders can reach to the GIPL contact Person, Ms. Nidhi Choudhary available at to submit their opinion/feedback as per the following guidelines:

  • Stakeholder may inform GIPL, Certification Body about applicants’s management practices that violates NCCF ToF Certification standard and/or any National laws/regulations.
  • Stakeholders interdetd to meet in person with audit team may submit their interest along with their contact details to GIPL. They’ll get back to your for scheduling a stakeholder’s meeting/interview on field or over phone.
  • THe audit team, GIPL shall reviview the feednack received from stakeholders and will inquire into it with an evidence based approach, collected during audit. where necessary, audit team shall issue the non-conformance to the applicant on account of evidence collected.

Full evaluation Audit details:

  • Tentative Dates of audit: Mid of  April 2022
  • Species & Sites to be audited: Vatta wood (Macaranga peltate) Farmers/houeholds in Kollam District (Kerala)
  • Description of evaluation area: Urban trees of Vatta species (Macaranga peltate) in farmer households under the across Kollam district in Kerala.
  • Type of TOF area: Agroforests in non-block like linear, isolated, scattered and bund trees

For further information, please contact at 

Nidhi Choudhary 

Senior Program Officer, GIPL

Mob- +91-7876682901 


Address- 2nd Rear Office, 3rd Floor, Images Tower, B-27, Noida, Sector-132, Gautam Budh Nagar, Uttar Pradesh-201304