PEFC Chain of Custody Refresher Training 2023

PEFC Chain of Custody Refresher Training

Auditors from around Southeast Asia are invited to join the PEFC Chain of Custody Refresher training session. Click here to register now Training Brochure is attached. The training details along with detailed Agenda has been announced on PEFC website.

PEFC International and NCCF are organizing a regional PEFC CoC refresher training. It will combine the expertise of PEFC International in delivering the training and local network and knowledge of NGB and participants. Certification Bodies can nominate their auditors to attend this training.

PEFC CoC certification provides independently verified assurance that certified wood contained in a product originates from well-managed forests. In addition, PEFC Due Diligence System (DDS) minimizes the risk that timber comes from illegal harvesting and enables companies to demonstrate alignment with regulatory requirements (e.g. EUTR). The PEFC DDS is an integral part of PEFC CoC certification. The entire flow of wood material from the forest to the consumer must be monitored and documented to demonstrate its origin. This evidence is known as the Chain of Custody (CoC).

Training Audience

The PEFC CoC Auditor Initial Training will be open to new auditors in India and outside India, preferably auditors from other South Asian countries who want to conduct PEFC CoC Audits. NCCF (PEFC NGB) and National Accreditation Board (NABCB) can also take part in the training.


Training will be conducted by Ms. Linda Matole (Technical officer, PEFC), Ms. Nga Ha (Development officer, PEFC). They are the members of Pool of Experts for PEFC CoC Training in PEFC.

Training Mode

The online training will be based on interaction, practical examples, open question and answer sessions, and dedicated group work. It will present PEFC Chain of Custody Certification, PEFC Trademarks, and the PEFC Due Diligence System (DDS).

Training Material

Training will include course material, PEFC documentation, certificate of attendance, access to PEFC’s Online Training Platform, etc.