27th November 2020 | Forest/ToF Certification and its applicability in Pulp & Paper Industry

Network for Certification and Conservation of Forests (NCCF) organized a webinar on NCCF’s Forest/Trees outside Forest Certification Schemes and PEFC Chain of Custody Certification and their applicability in Pulp & Paper Industry for JK Papers on 27th November 2020.

Mr. B P Ratho, General Manager, Plantation and R&D, JK Papers introduced briefly about JK Paper Limited and expressed interest in understanding NCCF schemes and how could these help in enhanced availability of certified raw material for JK Paper Limited. Earlier, Mr. Anuj Singh, Manager- Raw Material, JK Papers, in his welcome remarks, thanked NCCF for organizing this webinar for JKPL’s senior management.

Mr. Avani K Varma, Co-Chairman, NCCF; Chairperson, NCCF in his opening remarks appreciated the role of paper industries in development of Agroforestry and Farm Forestry in India, and particularly acknowledged the contribution of JKPL in promoting farm forestry and earning a brand name as an established paper industry.

Mr. A K Srivastava, Director General and Mr. Varun Grover, Assistant Director, NCCF in their presentation, explained the advantages of certification and specific features and easy adaptability of NCCF’s Forest/Trees outside Forest Certification Schemes and PEFC Chain of Custody Certification. Need for promoting Agroforestry and Farm Forestry through various schemes of the central and state governments to increase domestic production of wood, coupled with simplification of felling and transit regulations for farm grown trees and issue of a Green Public Procurement Policy by the government was also adequately highlighted.

Presentations were followed by a lively interaction between the participants and panellists wherein participants were able to achieve enhanced understanding of the advantages of certification, NCCF Forest Certification Standard and ToF certification scheme.

Mr. AK Bansal, Chairperson, Promotion, Communication & Advisory Group, NCCF, in his closing remarks, expressed appreciation to the participants from JK Papers in understanding NCCF’s schemes and offered any professional support for adoption of the said schemes by JKPL. He acknowledged that JK paper has always strived for quality and customer satisfaction and wished that JK Papers will continue to provide leadership in the market.

The participants appreciated the quality of presentations and the professional inputs on certification received by them and expressed keen interest in attending more such NCCF events in the future.

The presentations made in the webinar may be seen click here