Indian Certification Scheme and Standards: “Safeboards”: Standards Development Group Members
S.No.Standards Development Group Members (SDG)
1Mr. Abhishek Chitlangia (Duroply Industries ltd.)
2Mr. S. S. Anand (Balaji Action Buildwell)
3Ms. Sheila Sriprakash (Shilpa Architects, Planners and Designers Pvt. Ltd.)
4Dr. Sushil Kumar Nath (Technical Expert)
5Mr. Salman Jafar (Bioenergy Consult)
6Mr. Amit Khanna (Amit Khanna Design Associates (AKDA))
7Mr. C. N. Pandey (Federation of Indian Plywood and Panel
8Mr. Arvind Kumar Singh (Balaji Action Buildwell)
9Dr. Poornima Prabhakaran (Public Health Foundation of India, Centre for Environmental Health)
10Dr. Tanweer Alam (Indian Institute of Packaging)
11Ms. Chitra Vishwanath (Biome Environmental Solutions)
12Mr. Munish Bhalla and Mr. Rakesh Sahu (Knitpro International)
13Dr. K. S. Rao (Indian Academy of Wood Science)
14Dr. O. K. Remadevi (Environmental Management and Policy Research Institute)
15Mr. B. H. Patel &/or Mr. A. K. Jindal (Chemical and Allied Export Promotion Council)
16Mr. Naresh Tiwari (All India Plywood Manufacturers Association)
17Mr. J. K. Bihani (Haryana Plywood Manufacturers Association)
18Mr. Mahesh Gupta (Magnus Plywood Private Limited)
19Mr. Ritesh Goel (Kamla Plywood)

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