Public Consultation: 15th May 2024

Network for Certification and Conservation of Forests, a not-for-profit organisation of India, is actively promoting sustainable management of natural resources and sustainable consumerism through the mechanism of certification. We have developed/are developing globally benchmarked and India specific sustainability standards for various constituents of our natural resource base, as our core activity, besides engaged in policy advocacy, awareness raising and capacity building.

The Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) Standard received endorsement from PEFC on Sep 2017 and launched in Jan 2018. The standard is currently under revision process from Sep 9, 2023, to Sep9, 2024. Mr. A.K. Varma, nominated as a member of the PEFC SFM EUDR Task Force, has generously contributed his time to attend meetings and provide guidance to the Technical Working Group at NCCF. Consequently, we are adhering to a strict timeline to ensure compliance with EUDR for the SFM standard submission to PEFC by September 9, 2024.

The NCCF has followed the process for developing the enquiry draft NCCF-STD-FM-Revision-01-2024. The draft has been developed after 4 TWG and 2 SDG meetings and public consultation. Public and stakeholder consultations are an integral part of standard development process followed by NCCF. The enquiry draft is open for public consultation for 60 days till July 13, 2024.

The enquiry draft is accessible on the NCCF’s website.

Responding to the consultation: Please provide feedback via email, detailing specific Criteria and Indicators of the SFM standard.

Your comments and feedback are important for gaining additional observations and insights, helping the working group to shape the standard to ensure it meets stakeholder expectations