Non-Wood Forest Products Certification Standard

Standard Development Process Timeline Initiated in May 2017 and currentlyNWFP Standard under development
Standard Development Group  35 members and more invitations are being sent
Chairperson Shri AK Bansal,
Former Additional Director General Forests, MoEF & CC

India is the tenth most forested country in the world. With 24.16% of the country’s geographical area under the forest and tree cover, we are blessed with abundant forest resources, be it wood or non-wood from these areas.

Collection of non-wood forest products is an important sources of livelihood and contributes about 20-40% towards the family income for a large number of tribal population and forest dwellers. The NWFPs are utilised within the country as well as exported in various forms.

Commercial opportunities for NWFPs are emerging in the present era of globalisation. Ease of trade is opening new markets, decentralisation & democratisation are enabling communities to have a greater role in the management of the resources. Currently there is no exclusively functional, recognised NWFP certification schemes in the country. To put in place a separate certification scheme for non-wood products and to promote sustainable NWFP resource management; NCCF has initiated the process for the development of assessment standards for Certification of Non-Wood Forest Products (NWFP), through a multi stakeholder Standard Development Group (SDG) under the Chairmanship of Mr. Arun Kumar Bansal, IFS (retd), Former Addl. DG Forests, MoEF & CC, New Delhi, India.  
Interested stakeholders can participate in the process by sending their EoI to

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