Past Consultations

Public and stakeholders consultations are an integral part of the Development of the Standards of NCCF. In the past consultations have been done within the SDG and stakeholder while framing the working draft of the FM Certification Standard as per the following timelines:

Public Consultation (60Days) on Draft Forest Management Certification Standard (V0)

Public /Stakeholder consultation is a significant part of NCCF’s Standard Setting Process. We Invite feedback from everyone on the Draft Forest Management Certification Standard (V0) during the 60 days consultation.

All the stakeholders are invited to submit their comments and inputs for it, to the below mentioned email id.

Draft National Forest Certification Standards (Version 0) NCCF

Consultation Period

3rd October 2016 – 2nd December 2016


Email id for sending Comments /Inputs

Supporting Documents

1. Glossary

2. List of Laws

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