Development of Forest Management Certification Standard

Forest Management Certification Standard

NCCF has developed the Forest Management Certification Standard through a multi stakeholder Standard Development Group (SDG) under the chairmanship of Mr. A K Varma, IFS (retd), represented by professional foresters, premier forestry research and academic institutions of the Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change (ICFRE and IIFM), business groups, forest based industries, NGOs (social and environment related), workers and trade unions, and many more.  The standards are India specific; and would involve key elements of existing models in India viz the Bhopal India Process of the IIFM, the National Working Plan Code and the provisions contained in the National Forest Policy for promotion of afforestation, sustainable utilization of forest products and growth of the forest based industries.

The Standard Development Group (SDG)  has prepared the through internationally benchmarked standard setting process including extensive consultative process, online as well as through regional consultation meetings and its updated version was pilot tested in three states in different bio geographical zones, before the standards were finalized and launched on 13th January 2018 through National Conference on Forest Certification for use by the certification bodies.