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Forests play an important role in India’s economic development by providing a large variety of tangible and intangible ecosystem goods and services. Therefore, sustainable management of forests is crucial for continued flow of this goods and services for present and future generations. To address the concerns for sustainable management of forests and endeavors to make the Indian wood and forest fibre-based industry competent and acceptable globally. NCCF has developed the certification standard for Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) through a multi-stakeholder Standard Development Group. Forest Certification is a voluntary, non-regulatory and facilitative tool to promote sustainable forest management. It includes forest monitoring, tracing and labeling of timber and non-timber forest products.

Introduction to NCCF Forest Management Auditor Training

The key highlight behind this course is to bring together people with different forestry background, which lends a unique flavor to these courses and attract certified companies, public sector organizations, researchers, NGOs, consultants and of course, anyone aspiring to become a FM Auditor. .  

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What you will learn

NCCF FM Auditor training guides you through practically everything an FM Auditor needs to know. With FM Auditor course you will get important insight and updates regarding NCCF Forest Management Certification Standard and gain comprehensive knowledge of auditing techniques,audit scoping, expertise required, certification requirement and report writing.

    Course Objective -

  • Gain in-depth knowledge about Forest Management (FM) Certification.
  • Understand in detail the role and responsibility of a FM Auditor.
  • Develop expertise on NCCF FM standards and auditing techniques, including SFM Criteria & Indicator, HCVs, Stakeholder Consultation, Logo & trademark usage, group certifications, single and multi-FMU certification, socio-cultural aspects and impacts involved in Forest Management Certification, issuing findings, auditing techniques and other standards relevant to FM certification.
  • ISO 19011:2018 Auditor Awareness Training

  • Description-

    NCCF FM auditor course is a blended course (e-learning and classroom sessions). This course is a useful learning tool for professionals who wish to improve their knowledge on NCCF FM Certification. The course covers Information about the forests, sustainable forest management criteria and indicators, case studies related to sustainable Forest Management, certification and auditing the Forest Management operations

    Duration -

    This course consists of 11 modules and it will take 6 days (approx.) for the e-learning session and 3 days (approx.) classroom training scheduled for 3rd/4th week of December 2019, modules needs to be completed before the classroom training. There will be a set of questions after every module. The trainees need to score a minimum of 50% to pass each quiz and unlock the next training module.

    Training Cost (e-learning and classroom trainings) -

    25000 INR + GST (includes registration, training course material, lunch, tea and snacks)


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